Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Metadata Tool

Provide an interface to manipulate manage metadata including imports and exports. The user should be given with sufficient permission to manipulates the metadata.
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Release Notes
#1. Selecting multiple managed metadata stores  
#2. Show managed metadata store properties 
#3. Adding and deleting term store groups
#4. Adding and deleting term sets
#5. Adding and deleting terms and child terms
#6. Adding and deleting synonyms and abbreviations in multiple languages (language pack should be installed in the farm)
#7. Adding and deleting term shared properties
#8. Adding and deleting term local properties
#9. Set term description, available for tagging and term name
#10. Export term store and maintaining multiple exports
#11. Examination of exported term store data
#12. Import terms to current metadata store by selecting required term groups
#13. Import options (cancel the import if any group exists, skip the group if it is exist)
#14. Export and Export Term Group / Term Set and Term as a Template
Privacy Documentation (Privacy Statement)
TheMetadataTool app data will be persist in the SharePoint Server which is running. App Provider do not collect any data.