Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Metadata Tool

Provide an interface to manipulate manage metadata including imports and exports. The user should be given with sufficient permission to manipulates the metadata.
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Release Notes
#1. Selecting multiple managed metadata stores  
#2. Show managed metadata store properties 
#3. Adding and deleting term store groups
#4. Adding and deleting term sets
#5. Adding and deleting terms and child terms
#6. Adding and deleting synonyms and abbreviations in multiple languages (language pack should be installed in the farm)
#7. Adding and deleting term shared properties
#8. Adding and deleting term local properties
#9. Set term description, available for tagging and term name
#10. Export term store and maintaining multiple exports
#11. Examination of exported term store data
#12. Import terms to current metadata store by selecting required term groups
#13. Import options (cancel the import if any group exists, skip the group if it is exist)
#14. Export and Export Term Group / Term Set and Term as a Template
Privacy Documentation (Privacy Statement)
TheMetadataTool app data will be persist in the SharePoint Server which is running. App Provider do not collect any data.


Collab andKS said...

Is this tool useful in SharePoint Online 2013?

melick baranasooriya said...

@Collab andKS, Yes this is available in OfficeApp Store