Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mini Notes – Shared (v1.0)


This is a extended app for Mini Notes available in the App Store.

Release Note

#1. Add notes based on three different color categories (Normal, Important,Urgent)

#2. Organized notes using custom categories (Ex- Business, Personal)

#3. Quick editing

#4. Quick deleting

#5. App Part for notes listing – Most Recent 10 items

#6. Permission break enable for all user access (Admin Option)

MiniNotes-Images-1 MiniNotes-Images-2 MiniNotes-Images-3 MiniNotes-Images-4 MiniNotes-Images-5

Privacy Documentation (Privacy Statement)

Mini Notes – Shared app will collect data about your “Notes” and will be persist in the SharePoint Server which is running. App Provider do not collect any data of your notes.